MCHS students take SAT and PSAT during testing week

Juniors, who will take the SAT on Wednesday, are encouraged to bring a calculator and no. 2 pencils for the exam


Photo by David Hartman from FreeImages

MCHS students take two standardized tests during their junior year—the Preliminary SAT in the fall and the official SAT in the spring.

Ella Trimingham, Freelance Editor

SATs and PSATs will be held on April 12-13 at the Upper Campus and the Freshman Campus.  

The schedule is different each day depending on grade level. On Wednesday, juniors will take the SAT, so freshmen, sophomores and seniors will work asynchronously at home. 

On Thursday, freshmen and sophomores will take the PSAT, so juniors and seniors do not need to be at school.

“I think there is something students can gain from it,” said Curtis Menke, college and career counselor. “It’s good to get an objective measure of performance, something that is not one of our assessments.”

While PSATs and SATs provide a beneficial overview of the students’ academic ability, the testing process is not always enjoyable. 

“I feel like it is good to see where you’re qualified and how much you know,” said Theodore Lang, a junior at MCHS. “I do feel like once you are done, you should be able to leave instead of waiting for other people. It would make it a lot less hectic, as people are just sitting there getting antsy.”

Many colleges have transitioned into being test-optional for admissions. Due to this, many students believe standardized testing will no longer help them, however, these tests provide more than just increased college admissions. 

“Standardized testing is supposed to be a reflection of what you have learned so far in school,” said Heide Dunn, English teacher at MCHS. “There are still a lot of schools that offer opportunities automatically to students who score well, so you could have a big incentive to do well, in the form of cash in your pocket.” 

MCHS is offering morning workouts at 6:30 a.m. for students that are testing on Wednesday and Thursday at the Upper Campus. Workouts will be held in the Buckner Gym with a variety of activities depending on the day. The Freshmen Campus will only be offering this on Thursday in the Main Gym.