Seen, Heard, and Loved | Warrior Weekly 10.18.22

Dr. Prickett’s Renaissance Team leaps into action at MCHS

One of the newest additions to McHenry’s landscape of student organizations is the Renaissance Team. The group of students is replacing the Principal’s Advisory Council, and is one of the many changes that Dr. Prickett has made in his time as District Principal.

The Renaissance Team has several smaller groups of students that are there to tackle any individual issues, with the intent of improving the school. “The whole idea of the Principal’s Advisory Council is to hear from different groups of kids throughout the school” says Prickett. The Advisory council has a goal to make MCHS a more welcoming and fun place students want to be. Prickett states “I hope that we can really, like I said, make a difference right. Make some changes that are for the better.” Some of their new projects this year include a welcome committee for new students and a senior tradition. 

The Renaissance Team sits at about ninety students right now and is working to come up with new traditions and make lasting changes to MCHS. “I really hope we can make a difference,” says Prickett. The team is working on senior ceiling tiles and building a welcoming school culture. “That’s what the ‘Ren Team’ is all about: making sure everyone feels seen, heard, and loved.”

Moving forward, the group will be working throughout the year to improve various parts of the building and build a sense of community with their peers. Any student interested in joining the Renaissance Team can reach out to Dr. Prickett to get involved.