Sitting down at Tri-M’s Coffeehouse | Warrior Weekly 11.15.22

Tri-M hosts a karaoke night for MCHS students

Tri-M’s Coffeehouse gives any MCHS student the opportunity to strut their stuff in front of their peers. They can perform any act they would like to, whether it be a slam poem, an original song, or a cover of their favorite song.

The Coffeehouse had performances from many different genres of music including rock, pop, and even a jazz piece. Students could even play their musical instruments for their performance. Some students even chose to perform an original song and showed a vulnerable side to their peers. 

This event is one of the last events for some seniors and gives them the chance to showcase their talents and enjoy being on stage one last time. For early graduates, this show means so much to them especially since they get to pick what they perform. 

This event is open to all students who would like to perform or to go cheer on their friends. Join Tri-M next year for another wonderful night!