Freshmen travel to Upper Campus for a sneak peek

Incoming sophomores take a tour of Upper Campus with senior leaders to help prepare for the upcoming school year

Rose Wenckebach
Freshman and their senior leaders tour the Upper Campus during the UC Sneak Peek on April 21.

Michalina Sotka, Freshman Correspodent

The UC Sneak Peek took place on Friday, April 28 where freshmen were taken to the Upper Campus for a variety of activities to familiarize themselves with the new environment. 

Freshmen went to Upper Campus to follow their senior leaders through a tour of the building as well as other interactive activities. 

Senior leader Reese Kominoski states, “So we’re doing the UC Sneak Peek for the freshman, and we’re trying to get them into the building so that they know what to do and where to go when they come next year.” she states. “As well as getting involved and being able to see everything before the first day of school next year.”

This event was important in that it helps to make the incoming sophomores more comfortable with the new campus. It helps to familiarize them, hopefully making the future adjustment period easier. 

Kominoski says, “It’s showing students where they need to go so they’re not going to come in on the first day and be like, ‘Oh, my goodness, what is all this,’ they’re going to be able to be like, ‘Oh, I remember doing this in the spring before school let out.’”  

“I think it’s a good way to give them a refresher of what to do,” she adds.

As well as the all important tour, freshmen attended other activities with their senior leaders. 

Kominoski explains, “We’ll meet with your teachers, as well as your counselors for next year and this year.” She states, “We’re doing a Q&A with [Freshman Campus dean Jordan] Deaner, then introducing some AP and Dual Credit class options. Then sophomore success, which talks about how to get successful throughout the years.”

After all the important events, the day finished off with a rally in which the tug-of-war finale took place, as well as a racing game.