Storlie brings students closer to manufacturing | Warrior Weekly 11.15.22

Manufacturing teacher Tyler Storlie Hosts Manufacturing and Engineering Club

Every Thursday students gather in the Metals and Manufacturing Lab to attend the Manufacturing and Engineering Club. In this club students work to combine both manufacturing and engineering skills and apply them to real-life situations.

MCHS’s new Center for Science and Technology offers many different classes for students interested in various manufacturing, trades, and industrial pathways, however, the new wing provides opportunity for new clubs as well. The Manufacturing and Engineering club is a club for students who enjoy working in CTE.

While anyone can join the club, the class is a great way to combine the lessons taught in both the engineering and manufacturing classes offered here at McHenry. Sophomore Milo Lisheski states that the club “implement[s] things from both Mr. Micklinghoff’s class and Mr. Storlie’s class and put them together to do creative things, use and implement them in real life situations.”. The club is great for anyone who hopes to pursue a career in manufacturing, as it can introduce students to what manufacturing and engineering can look like in real life scenarios.

Manufacturing teacher Tyler Storlie states “The goal of the club was trying to do projects that go beyond what we do in classroom and then also taking in some of the different departments here and trying to combine their skills trying to connect the engineering to the manufacturing because it’s a big part of what the industry is like.”

As for all clubs at MCHS, the Manufacturing and Engineering club offers students to take part in something they enjoy and work with friends. Lisheski explains “I chose to be a part of this club because it’s something to do after school, […] I get to hang out with my friends, and like I said earlier, I use a lot of what I learn in class in the club, and it’s fun.”