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This fall's new fashionable trends include Victorian-inspired clothing, more fashionable menswear, 90s inspired plaid and tartan, and capes.

Looking good, feeling good

Ciara Duncan, Features Editor November 10, 2020

The cycle of trends is never-ending and constantly changing with the times. So, what’s in style this season?  On and off the runways, we’ve been seeing the same trends that return every autumn;...

When it comes to making prom dresses, teacher Andrew Hillier has his work cut out for him. There is a lot of detailing happening

Passion for fashion

Jared Bysiek, Features Editor February 11, 2020

Once he finishes meeting with the new client and getting sketches finalized, French teacher and East Campus drama director Andrew Hillier begins his work. After countless hours spent draping cotton and...

With shows like 'Stranger Things' among the most year's most popular, the affect of nostalgia on fashion and pop culture has become more apparent.

Television’s influence on 80’s and 90’s fashion

Chase Creech, Staff Writer October 28, 2019

80’s and 90’s movies & tv shows played a huge role in fashion. Movies in this era mainly targeted teens and young adults, which encouraged efficacious fashion. This played a prominent role in deciding...

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