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McHenry High School's student-written and -edited newspaper

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McHenry High School's student-written and -edited newspaper

The McHenry Messenger

Summer comes along with a ton of insecurities for some, so having good summer ettiquette is imperative for everyone to have a safe happy summer.

Editorial: Be kind this summer

Editorial Board May 23, 2022

An outburst of laughter can be heard from behind a teenager on the beach. When she turns around, it is a large friend group. At first she thinks nothing of it, but as she drifts off she overhears what...

People may have all kinds of reasons for sharing their traumas on social media. For example, it might help them process the trauma or find support. Still, the habit can be unhealthy and lead to unexpected consequences.

Opinion: Stop making trauma trendy

Lydia Lawrence, Staff Writer May 10, 2022

A student makes a post on TikTok laughing about their failing grades, while another student views the video wondering why it has so many likes and people joking in the comments. Is this just a coping mechanism...

Certainly, every generation has experienced its share of trauma. But Generation Z has perhaps endured a more complex word, especially more complex than Generation X and Millennials.

Opinion: Trauma? Generation Z is used to it

Alayna Majkrzak, Opinions Editor March 22, 2022

Coming home from school to the news being turned on by a parent. This is one of the worst feelings for Generation Z, they never really know what to expect. The flickering of the screen could be about yet...

When people are suffering from mental health problems, the last thing they need to hear is that their feelings or illness isnt real.

Opinion: Faking it

Alayna Majkrzak, Opinions Editor March 16, 2022

A teenager is finally talking to someone they trust. They want to get help. They know that it’s the only way they can possibly learn to coexist with their mental illness. But after finally confiding...

During the week of Feb. 28, Warrior Buddies is leading a special spirit week aimed to End the Word. The R-slur is a word that people should have stopped using long ago.

Opinion: End the word

Bri Quast, Staff Writer March 1, 2022

Teenagers are very familiar with the “R” slur. It is a derogatory term prevalent throughout social media, and everyday conversation. It is safe to bet even if teenagers don’t use the “R” slur...

For many students who have struggled with addiction and depression, medication is a helpful way of managing mental illness. The journey toward diagnosis and prescription, though, can take an emotional toll.

Essay: You are not alone

Kyla Henige, Features Editor January 21, 2022

A student smiles, waving, and socializing with all her peers in the hallways. The student is in all honors classes, participates in school events and is always in a good mood. Her life seems perfect to...

Though students have been through a lot during the pandemic, staff members at MCHS and throughout the country have also felt burned out by the sudden changes to the field of education.

Spring break tired

Alayna Majkrzak, Features Editor December 15, 2021

Teachers go home, bag slung over a shoulder and head pounding with everything that went on through the day. Kids misbehaving, school work not being turned in, essays that need to be graded — all of it...

The holidays are usually a joyful time of year, they also can cause stress to people who dont celebrate, have lost family or that are struggling financially.

Opinion: We take the holidays too seriously

Beth Brackmann, Contributing Writer December 9, 2021

Someone walks into a store, just a few days into November and everything is already holiday related. They begin to feel an overbearing feeling of stress as they realise that the holidays are getting close....

Though it makes logistical sense to separate freshmen from upperclassmen in different buildings, the social impact on freshmen has made the transition to high school more difficult.

Opinion: Separate campuses split up student communities

Grace Hunt, Contributing Writer December 8, 2021

A freshman student is failing their classes, uninvolved in school activities, and disrespecting teachers. Without mentors and a constant supporting environment, students can’t discover who they are without...

Weight gain over quarantine should be something that is celebrated rather than shamed because everyone needs to be a little nicer to themselves during such a rough and confusing time in the world.

Opinion: The quarantine 15

Ciara Duncan, Features Editor May 19, 2021

The human body naturally reacts to the environment it’s in. When we’re relaxed, our muscles untighten, our breathing slows, and we emotionally feel like we can take on the world. When we’re stressed,...

Since the pandemic started, many adolescents have spent more time on social media — and more time looking at images of unrealistic and unhealthy body sizes.

Opinion: Don’t fall for social media’s unrealistic body expectations

Alayna Trimingham, Copy Editor May 6, 2021

A student sits in their room alone with their phone lighting their face. They see all these very thin people looking stunning. The student automatically feels very insecure about themself. They don’t...

As people have come forward to share their trauma, many immediately blame the victim. But it is never the victims fault that they survived an assault — and society should start placing the blame on the perpetrator of the crime instead.

Opinion: It is never the victim’s fault

Alayna Majkrzak, Staff Writer April 30, 2021

“What were you wearing?” “You shouldn’t have had that much to drink.” “Obviously they asked for it.” “Men can’t be assaulted.” This is what many survivors, especially of sexual assault,...

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