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Like broccoli

Hilary Agnello poses with the McHenry High School Warriors logo. Agnello is the Varsity volleyball coach, a math interventionist, and a teacher on special assignment.

Kennedy Tetour, Arts and Entertainment Editor

October 23, 2020

The morning is chilly and brisk, and as the leaves start to change color, the reality of autumn sets in. Hillary Agnello puts her car in park and strides up to the front door of a truant student’s house. She knocks on the door, and with strength and confidence as McHenry High School’s new “Teacher ...

District serves up intramural volleyball tournament

Students have petitioned for years to have more intramural sports as extracurriculars. West administrators Greg Eiserman and Justin Stroh have opened the door for intramural volleyball for the first time.

Oliver Simpson, Staff Writer

March 10, 2020

MCHS is starting their first intramural volleyball tournament. The registration forms are currently available in the main office at East or the assistant principal’s office at West.  Intramural volleyball is an organized activity that anyone can join or be a part of. For many years, students hav...

Successful volleyball season ends in Regional defeat

Senior setter Taylor Zoephel gets into a ready position with juniors Andrea Barajas and Savannah Coats during varsity volleyball game against Hampshire on August 27.

Zach Brown, Sports Editor

November 1, 2019

The varsity volleyball season came to a end during the Regional championship game against Lake Forest High School on October 31 in the East Campus main gym.  The Warriors took on Lake Forest to compete for a chance to advance to the sectional round of the state playoffs being held at Warren High...