The Scraps: Planting trees, heading to prom and walking out of Disney

In this episode of The Scraps, Bee and Lydia discuss a fundraiser by Environmental Club, arrangements for this year’s prom, and the Disney Do Better Walkout

Bee Myers and Lydia Lawrence


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Environmental Club hosts tree-planting event

MCHS’s Environmental Club and gardening club is hosting a tree planting event. Kaley Freund, Environmental Club advisor, stated their goal of it is to “offset our school’s annual paper usage by replenishing the environment with the resources that we have taken. We were able to calculate how many trees we use per year and set that as our target number of saplings to plant.” That target is 345 trees. The fundraiser was an idea offered by Tree-Plenish, who will also provide the saplings. This event is taking place on April 30, and the saplings will cost $5. The trees will be planted throughout the community, including at the Upper Campus.

Prom tickets on sale

While saplings are only $5 each, prom requirements seem a little higher. Tickets are $100 this year, and students also have to pay off all of their school fees before they can even go. Additionally, students bringing a dates from a different school must fill out a form and that student must be interviewed by MCHS administrators. Students must take the coach bus to the venue and cannot take their own vehicles. Take care while making he table reservations — there’s only room for eight people per table.

Disney worker walkout over Florida LGBTQ bill

Last month, lawmakers in Florida passed a bill opponents are calling the “don’t say gay” bill. Protests — which have included high school students, parents and staff members in Florida — now include employees at Walk Disney World. Workers at the Orlando theme park and resort wanted to take a strong stance on this controversial matter, since the Disney cooperation refused to do so. It was deemed the “Disney Do Better Walkout,” and went on for about a week.