Drama Club hosts the second annual Cabaret Night

MCHS drama students showcase their voices at a night solely based on songs from musical theatre productions


Jamie Rotfeld

Although Cabaret Night is not widely advertised in the school, drama students from both campuses hope to express their love for musical theatre to others.

Stacy Correra, Copy Editor

MCHS drama club will host its second annual Cabaret Night on Saturday, January 18 in the East Campus auditorium at 7 pm.

Cabaret Night is an auditioned event where students participating will perform a song of their choosing from a mainstage Broadway production.

 “The students work independently in their choices and it’s important that they’re supported as they work through challenging repertoire,” says East drama director Andy Hillier. “For many of the students performing, they’re doing it for the sheer love of theatre and want to share this excitement with others.”

The non-judged event’s purpose is to showcase the talents and their love for musicals.

Last year, West senior Kylee O’Brien used this event as a way to build her confidence as a soloist. 

“I got to perform a group number because of the exposure that putting myself out there for the first time by myself brought me,” she explains. “It helped me gain a lot of confidence in my singing voice and helped me keep performing.”

“It shows the talent in our theatre program,” explains East sophomore Kilea McCants, who is performing at the event. “It’s important to showcase how important theatre is to so many people. It’s a safe space where students know that they’re loved and they know that they’re supported in whatever they do.”

Some of the musicals that will be highlighted include “Heathers”, “Waitress”, and “Aida”. The event will be close to an hour in length and will cost $5 at the door.