Third floor bathroom reopens with new security desk

The new security station aims to prevent misbehavior in and out of the bathrooms


Allie Everhart

A security desk has been positioned outside of the third floor bathroom to discourage fighting, vaping and other disruptive behavior, according to Upper Campus security.

Eli Frommes, Staff Writer

The third-floor bathroom at the Upper Campus reopened last week with a security desk moved in front of the entrance.

According to administration, the bathrooms were shut down at the beginning of February due to fights and vaping in or around the bathrooms.

“We learned from the past that we need to have someone up there because it’s a lot of stuff that goes on up there,” security guard Stanley Elem said, “specifically that dim area by the multiple bathroom. It’s one of the most high traffic areas in the school.”

Elem says more security is helpful in this area because the bathroom is located in a busy hallway connecting the older part of the Upper Campus to the Center for Science, Technology and Industry — and because that particular hallway has dim corners that are hard to see.

“As far as I know it’s going to be permanent,” Elm said. “If we see the need to put others around the school we will put them as needed.”

The security desk is making some students uncomfortable due to being watched when they want to go to the bathroom.

“To people like me who never misbehaves in school,” sophomore Kaylie Szczepanik says, “I feel that I’m constantly being watched just going to the bathroom.”

Administration believes the desk is a good idea for kids who misbehave, but many students say there could be better ways of approaching the situation.

Szczepanik says, “It’s a good idea for kids who do misbehave, but I feel there are better actions to take then a security desk in front of a bathroom.”