Tri-M hosts disco-themed Coffeehouse

MCHS welcomed students and graduates for a night of live music and performances

Students perform at Tri-M’s Coffeehouse open mic night in the Upper Campus cafeteria on Nov. 11.

Ella Trimingham, Staff Writer

MCHS’ Tri-M Music Honors Society held its Coffeehouse event on Nov. 11, giving students the opportunity to show their talents and perform. 

The Coffeehouse, run by the Tri-M, involved live music, performances and beverages. McHenry had done the event in the past but had some complications along the way. The initial advisor left, and the Coffeehouse is now run by Tracy Tobin. The year before Tobin became advisor, MCHS did a mashup of the induction ceremony and the Coffeehouse. 

26 students signed up to perform, including at an open mic night opportunity after performances were done. Five students ended up performing in the open mic night. Students played a wide variety of songs, including trending music, which connected the crowd. 

The open mic night went well, and some graduates even played, like 2022 graduate Bee Myers. 

“It went pretty smoothly [and] the decorations were so cool,” Myers said. “It was weird for me because I am not a student anymore, but I still had support from current students. It was nostalgic and a nice last performance somewhere where I am comfortable.”

Joseph Sacremento, a senior at MCHS, played a large role in making this event run smoothly. He also performed multiple times throughout the night. 

“I personally think that the event went super well!” he said. “We had a lot of fun decorating the place with records and other fun disco-themed items.”