Tri-M wins IL Chapter of the Year | Warrior Weekly 11.15.22

Illinois recognizes our school’s Tri-M society as the best in the state

MCHS’s Tri-M performers were honored to be recognized as Illinois’s 2021 to 2022 Chapter of the Year winners in the North Central Division. While the title adds a reputation to uphold, the group focuses on their dedication to their talent.

Joseph Sacramento, the president of the music honor society, is proud of how far they have come. “Being a part of Tri-M really opened up my confidence,” Sacramento exclaimed. “Last year, I was able to perform a solo song all by myself. Honestly, I wouldn’t have done that if my friends in Tri-M didn’t give me that little push.” With the support of his fellow Tri-M musicians, Sacramento stepped outside of his comfort zone and began to improve his stage presence.

Although art-related activities can sometimes be overlooked, the high-ranking award corroborates their talents. Tri-M member Hannah Covalt believes that the organization bridges gaps between the several facets of the performing arts. “Winning Chapter of the Year is really good for us because it lets people know that we’re serious about this and that the arts are a good thing,” Covalt shared. “Sometimes, there’s a great divide between band, choir, and theater, and I think our plan is to bring all of those people together and know that we are all a part of this and we all care about this.” The team’s strong bond and shared interest drives their ambition.

The win gives the music department the encouragement to continue to work hard on their skills and pour their passion into making music. Bravo, Tri-M! Keep on singing your hearts out.