Varsity girls swim team celebrates season during banquet

Following their senior night match and annual intersquad meet, juniors and sophomores honor senior swimmers during their senior banquet


Mackenzie Sroka

Senior Mackenzie Cutler and coach BJ Macdonald embrace during the girls swimming team’s banquet following their senior night meet.

Campbell Bitterman, Contributing Writer

Senior night is an annual event that honors the team’s seniors and provides them the chance to say goodbye to their teammates. Sophomore swimmers, Riley Byron and Allison Tomaszewski, helped Andrea Avila, a junior varsity swimmer, plan the senior night.

The swim team gave the seniors gift baskets, and the underclassmen read the seniors’ speeches. They announced their plans after high school and what career they’re hoping to pursue.

“We want to give them a good goodbye to swimming because all four of them have been on the team since freshman year,” says Byron, “just giving them a nice banquet and flowers.”

“It’s really hard because we have to come up with ideas,” Tomazewski adds, “but it’s sad because we have to make things to say goodbye to the seniors.”

All of the seniors went to Sectionals at Barrington High School the day before. Their place, time, and event were honored during the senior banquet before and after their intersquad meet.

At Sectionals, Reilly Bryron placed 12 with a time of 25.74 in the 50 yard free event, and 15 with a time of 1:12.66 in the 100 yard breaststroke event. Riley Tobin placed 18 with a time of 59.26 in the 100 yard event. Mackenzie Cutler placed 19 with a time of 1:01.99 in the 100 yard event. Morgan Donovan placed 16 with a time of 1:14:01 in the 100 yard breaststroke event. Emma Blanken placed 11 with a time of 1:03.92 in the 100 yard backstroke.

The swim team’s seniors valued teamwork and had an impact on the rest of the team. Jenna Harris was one of the new swimmers on the team, but made strong bonds with the upperclassmen in just a matter of weeks.

“They are always bringing a positive attitude, team spirit, and a love for our sport whenever we are together,” Harris says, “They have had 4 years of experiences in high school and being on the team, and they send their wisdom and energy towards us.

Additional reporting for this story by Mackenzie Sroka