Who it takes to keep MCHS safe

MCHS’s first director of security helps keep both buildings safe and brings positivity with him


Maddie Canada

Arturo Delgadillo, dressed fittingly as a super hero for Halloween, poses in the Center for Science, Technology and Industry. Formerly a police officer, Delgadillo now supervises the security teams at both the Upper and Freshman Campuses.

Vanessa Moreno, News Editor

With 40 school shootings in ten months, 2022 has become the most devastating year for schools in recent history. Ensuring safety and preventing tragedy has become a priority more than ever for schools.

This year, MCHS has director of security and former police officer Arturo Delgadillo to help with that.

Delgadillo majored in criminal justice and Spanish before becoming a police officer for 25 years. His duties ranged from juvenile officer to homicide officer. He was inspired to join law enforcement after witnessing an incident as a child.

“It was a robbery,” he explains. “Someone tried to take my mom’s necklace off her neck. After that, I said I would never let anything happen to my mom. So I became a policeman.”

As a director, his duties include organizing lockdown drills, attending meetings and managing a staff of 10 security professionals. When school shootings occur elsewhere, he monitors those to learn from them.

“Kids don’t know we have a team in case we ever had a threat,” Delgadillo says. “There’s things we’re fixing, but overall it’s great seeing the kids come to school, have fun and not worry about those threats. Our goal is to keep everyone safe and happy.”

Initially, Delgadillo hadn’t been looking for a job; he was retired from law enforcement. However, after a teacher directed him to the job posting, it ‘felt like a calling.’

“I told God, ‘If you want me to be a part of this, help me through this process,’” he adds. “Next thing you know, I interviewed and got the position. I’m happy and grateful to be here.”

Security Professional Lauren Traynor mentions that having Delgadillo facilitates keeping MCHS safe. He tends to focus on big picture policies and issues while security deals with day-to-day events.

“It’s nice to have a hierarchy — a person that is the glue of everything,” Traynor says. “He’s awesome to work with. He’s qualified, intelligent and cares about all of us.” 

Throughout his busy day, Delgadillo focuses on fostering positive relationships with students and staff. He cites interacting with students and his team as the best part of the job.

“When I was in high school, I was at a table with few people and didn’t have lots of friends,” he says. “I always make sure I say ‘Hi’ to people sitting alone in the cafeteria or sit with them to be a person they can talk to.”

Recently, Delgadillo was voted Staff Member of the Month through MCHS’s program recognizing staff for “making a difference in our schools and in the lives of students.”

“We’re so excited to have him here,” MCHS Principal Jeff Prickett said in a video. “He brings a great energy. He brings a calm and compassionate demeanor yet knows how to get things done.”

Delgadillo looks forward to the rest of the school year, and wants to encourage positive relationships among students and staff.

“I want people to love each other,” he explains. “I want people to serve, encourage and lift each other. That’s what our goal is with the kids — to lift and encourage them. And to let them know there’s hope for those going through hard things.”