Cars Playing Dress Up | Warrior Weekly 11.9.22

VFW hosts Trunk-or-Treat where children, adults, and cars come together to celebrate Halloween

Last Saturday, WSM attended the VFW’s second annual Trunk-Or-Treat event. Families from all across the community came together to celebrate Halloween McHenry Style.

“Trunk or Treat is the community comes out , we all fill our trunks with candy, we pop them up, we actually decorate, some of us decorate them. There is an actual prize for that, and then the kids walk through, and as you guys can see this, the line is insane.” With more than 650 people, the turnout for the event was significantly higher than last year. Attendees enjoyed walking around to each of the decorated vehicles, in addition to plenty of free food. “It’s nice to be able to show it off and bring people out, I mean it’s just a great event for the kids and families.” 

Many children, adults, and even animals enjoyed dressing up in eccentric costumes, creating a fun and festive atmosphere. “I think it brings everybody together. It’s a peaceful, good vibe, happy time, and I think it’s great. I think it improves life.” “Look around, it’s just all kinds of people together, having a good time, dressing up. [Cathy interjects] little kids reaching in to grab some candy, it’s really cute.” “They should do it every year and anybody can attend should try to attend.”

The Trunk-or-Treat event was a tremendous success for the McHenry community, bringing joy to children, parents, and members of the VFW. The event itself is bringing back the unity of our McHenry Community.