Cheering on to success

Girls varsity cheer bring in their best efforts throughout the season while making new goals along the way



The varsity cheerleading team leaps in the air during a performance at Rolling Meadows High School on Dec. 7.

Krystal Zamudio, Staff Writer

As the girls gather together and set the base for their flier, the crowd is standing with excitement and anxiousness for what’s about to come. On Saturday, Jan. 28, the girls varsity cheer team went to sectionals, despite putting forth their best efforts in their routine the girls fell short two points to make it to regionals.

This season the girls have built a strong relationships and have created a great team through hard work and dedication over the past year. 

“Everyone has been working very hard and we have a very good relationship where we all trust each other,” stated Katie Lewis, a junior on the varsity cheer team.

While the girls have grown tremendously as a team, they have also had to face challenges together to do so. The girls have had many injuries and illnesses here and there throughout the season but have overcome them together as a team. 

“Injury and illness always pop up and force us to make changes at any second throughout our season,” explained Samantha Carlson, head coach for the varsity cheer team. “This may include pulling people off the mat and having athletes relearning a new routine in just one practice.”

A big challenge the girls had to face this year was having to figure out the formations and the difference in motions from 20 people to 11, especially since sometimes they would only have 3 days to learn the changes to a routine along with working towards perfecting it.

“This was definitely stressful since we only had 3 days to perfect the changes,” commented Lewis. “I know that the amount of people being taken off of the mat was very stressful for everyone and even though I was one of the 11 chosen. They still cheered us on everyday and that always makes a big difference.”

This season compared to last season shows great amounts of growth and progress made in the past year. The girls have completed many goals this year and have overcome challenges with positive mindsets. Regardless of the amount of goals they have accomplished they will begin to make new ones for the upcoming season. 

“I would like to see us go into the new season with more confidence,” explained Maggie Maciaszek, a junior,  on the varsity cheerleader. “I think that if we go into next year’s competitions with the mindset that we’re capable of doing all of our skills in the routine, then we’ll be a lot more successful.”

The girls varsity team has made incredible accomplishments as they worked hard all season. This lead them to sectionals and the ability to accomplish many of their goals this season. They are hopeful to continue this success next season as well.