Opinion: A clean room can improve your life

Unorganized bedrooms negatively affect our health and mental state, and cleaning your space can improve your lifestyle


Rachel Kaminski

When life gets heavy and things feel out of control, mental health professionals recommend putting time in to that which you can control — such as creating a clean, organized living space.

Josie Cable, Opinions Editor

You step into your bedroom almost tripping over things littering the ground. Trash and empty water bottles clutter the nightstand and your bed is lost under a sea of clothes. Your mind feels scattered and that can be the result of this messy room. Keeping the space tidy can help you maintain a healthy and happy mindset.

Your room is where you start and end each day so how you keep it will have negative or positive effects on your daily life. We spend lots of time in this physical space (now more than ever) and it has such an impact on our mood and mindset.

When your personal space is full of clutter, it can cause stress and make you feel overwhelmed. “In fact, a messy room constantly sends signals to your brain to take action, whether you act upon those feelings or not,” explains Jessica Kane on the website Let’s Make Room. “If you allow the mess in your room to grow it becomes another obstacle that disrupts inner peace. By keeping organized you won’t feel anxiety from the pressure.

Just making your bed in the morning can help motivate you throughout the day. When we accomplish something, like cleaning our room, we gain the confidence to take on other tasks in our lives. Overcoming the mess also gets rid of distractions, leaving you with a cleared mind. Overall, tidying your room creates feelings of positivity with the determination to get things done.

A clean room also comes with health benefits. When keeping your bedroom clean and ordered you feel more relaxed and get better sleep. “It has been found that those who have cluttered bedrooms full of their hoardings take a long time to fall asleep and their sleep quality is also poor enough that it leads an increase chance of depression and stress,” says Mehwish Wahid from Lifehack. “Sleeping in a dirty bed in a messy room can bring harmful bacteria, acne, skin problems, and even body aches.

Why clean your room if it’s just going to get messy again? If your room is always in a disorganized state it affects your health and mindset. By keeping organized you will feel less stressed and more motivated. Even if it collects clutter again, the positive and uplifting feelings you get from cleaning will improve your lifestyle.

Although cleaning your room might not be an easy job, the end result will be very beneficial. By removing distractions and keeping you motivated, cleaning helps you feel accomplished and relaxed. Taking two minutes to make your bed in the morning can help start off your day in a positive manner.