Humans of McHenry: Ava Clements

Meet sophomore Ava Clements, whose connection to her siblings helped shape who she is


Savannah Drost

Clements is a sophomore at the Upper Campus who was shaped by her siblings and her friends growing up.

Savannah Drost, Staff Writer

“If I was an only child like I don’t think I would have grew up the same way I did have. I have a very younger brother who’s about to go into sixth grade. And then my oldest brother is in the Marines. He’s 21. Then I have a sister that’s in college too. I do get along with a lot of them, but [I’m closest with] my sister … because we’re like the two girls and the two boys. We had other friends in our neighborhood [when we were] little kids. We would like make these like music videos with them. We just like make these like clips and videos and we have to show to our parents after like a football game or something.”