Humans of McHenry: Michalina Sotka

Meet freshman Michalina Sotka, whose interest for horseback riding has turned into a job and a passion


Savannah Drost

Michalina Sotka is a freshman at MCHS who who turned her passion for riding horses into after school job.

Savannah Drost, Staff Writer

“I horseback ride and I [also] work at a barn, which has resulted in multiple injuries, [but] I’m the only one who can get stuff done on some of the days that I’m there. Balancing work, school and personal life, it’s difficult. [I started horseback riding because] I just really couldn’t find anything else [to do]. And I ended up going to my friend’s birthday party, and it was horseback riding. I just thought it was a lot of fun. Then I ended up starting to ride and then I wanted to work so I’ve been doing that for five years. This past year, I won this big class at a [horse] show that was out of 15 people. I had absolutely no confidence in myself. So [because of] that we got some more confidence lately. Usually I ride the horses that nobody else wants to ride because they’re too hard, which is pretty cool.”