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Though most people are practicing social distancing by working at home, others considered

Stacy Correra, Copy Editor

April 15, 2020

An MCHS student lets out a shaky breath as she pulls her ponytail through the opening in the back of her uniform hat. As she pulls a blue latex glove over her freshly-washed, frail fingers, she closes her eyes and whispers prayers to keep her healthy and safe. She clocks into her shift and places a headset...

Customer servants

Whether at restaurants like Starbucks or McDonald's or retailers like Meiger and JCPenney, students sometimes have to put up with abuse from customers — often following an already overwhelming school day

Stacy Correra, Copy Editor

February 7, 2020

A teenager clocks into her job, dreading the next six hours of her life. She puts her uniform over her head, and tops it off with the mandatory hat that always makes her hair look unwashed after she wears it for too long. She takes a deep breath, reminds herself that it’s all for the paycheck, and with ...

Bark and bite

Bulanda, a junior at West Campus, trains five dogs individually for around an hour per dog in order to help them become K-9 police dogs.

Jared Bysiek, Features Editor

November 7, 2019

After school ends, junior Kristen Bulanda enters a room full of German Shepherd puppies. She has already taught them basic obedience, but today begins the special part of her training. Wearing a protective sleeve on one arm, she begins to irritate the puppies, making them bite at her protected arm. Whil...