District serves up intramural volleyball tournament

After years of consideration, MCHS has approved the co-ed extracurricular


Madison Wise

Students have petitioned for years to have more intramural sports as extracurriculars. West administrators Greg Eiserman and Justin Stroh have opened the door for intramural volleyball for the first time.

Oliver Simpson, Staff Writer

MCHS is starting their first intramural volleyball tournament. The registration forms are currently available in the main office at East or the assistant principal’s office at West. 

Intramural volleyball is an organized activity that anyone can join or be a part of. For many years, students have been requesting that MCHS starts a tournament for it and assistant principal Gregory Eiserman and dean of students Justin Stroh loved the idea. 

Stroh who is spearheading the creation of intramural volleyball at MCHS said, “It’s a good way to have fun while still being slightly competitive,” stated Stroh. 

This tournament is first come first serve, and only 15 teams are participating. This will be kicking off on March 18th in the East Main Gym. ‘Kick Off’ is going to be a time to hangout with your team and practice while eating pizza. 

Senior Esteban Lezama, who is helping to plan the tournament said “People should join because it’s a fun thing to do after school, and it’s not such a hard commitment as other organizations and sports in the school.” 

The season goes from April 1-April 29. Playoffs will also be on May 6 and May 13. There are no scheduled practices so students don’t have to worry about submitting themselves to an excessive amount of commitments.