Letter to the Editor: Homecoming makes me feel like a Warrior

In response to the opinion piece, “Does Homecoming live up to its Hype?” published in the McHenry Messenger on October 7, I would like to offer an alternative opinion. I am Gracee Majkrzak and I am President of the Student Council at East Campus and I have also been a member for all four years of my high school career. I would like to emphasize that a lot of work is put into Homecoming and we begin the process a year in advance. 

One of the reasons that we dedicate so much time and energy into this event is because we want to make a memorable experience for everyone. It takes hours and hours and so much time to make an event like this happen. This year, we opened up spirit day voting to the entire school at both campuses. We wanted to include everyone and let everyone have a voice. Not many people realize the dedication it takes to put on a dance like Homecoming. 

Our job as Student Council, at both campuses, is to work together to put the elements of a great dance together. However, as with any experience in life, you get what you put into it. We provide the tools for a great night, but we don’t provide the fun that is associated with it.

I have gone to the Homecoming Dance for all four years.  The theme my freshman year was Hollywood, sophomore year was a Night in the City, and last year we took a Cruise! This year the Homecoming theme is Across the Galaxy!! The past three years of Homecoming dances and the week leading up to it have been my favorite high school experiences. 

Going into freshman year, I was excited to go to my first Homecoming! I heard all the hype about it. I heard what other high schoolers thought about it. That night, that week, my first homecoming, was something I will never forget. 

Earlier in that week freshman year, the Monday of the parade made me realize that I was part of the Warrior family. The parade was fun and inclusive of clubs, sports, and activities. Not only did it bring both schools together at the beginning of the week, but it also brought together the community. The parade to this day has the same effect. The rally following the parade gets everyone excited for the rest of the week and, later in the night, the bonfire allows students to socialize and make memories. 

On Wednesday, we have the rivalry powder puff game! Being an underclassman and watching the juniors and seniors play against each other is a whole different experience than that of playing. Both playing and watching your school or class have been positive. I watched the East seniors lose one time. I have been on the junior team that lost last year. Win or lose, you have fun. The same goes for the Varsity game. We’ve lost Homecoming games and we’ve won them. No matter what the outcome is, I’ve had positive memories and continue to do so now every homecoming. 

Homecoming means a lot to me. I’ve had the best time every single year. Dancing in a circle with my friends as confetti falls over our heads is a picture snapshotted in my head that will be there forever.  During the week, dressing up for spirit days is my favorite thing to do. Dressing in those spirit day themes makes me feel inclusive in the school. It makes me feel connected to the school. 

Homecoming, in general, makes me feel like a part of the Warrior family. 

Student Council strives to make our events enjoyable for all students and we do welcome any and all feedback on how we can improve the event in the future. 

– Gracee Majkrzak, East Student Council President

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