Making a splash

Girls Varsity Swim team has been reaching success throughout their season



Andrea Avila flies through the pool during a girl swimming meet against Woodstock North on Sep. 7 in the Upper Campus pool. The Warriors won the meet 125-39.

Krystal Zamudio, Staff Writer

As the steady water is broken, a varsity girls swimmer has begun to race, pushing the team closer to the end of a successful season.

The girls varsity swim team finished in third place at the relay invitational at Rockford East, but soon made a comeback and won four meets. The girls have made improvements as a team, worked together, and have kept a strong team spirit throughout the season. 

“We’ve won almost every meet so far,” stated Campbell Bitterman, a sophomore varsity swimmer. “Our team is generally really close and a strong team spirit definitely contributes to our success.”

The team’s closeness and bonds have helped the girls grow as swimmers together. This has allowed them to push themselves to success. 

“I think our team bond and supportiveness to each other has definitely given every swimmer a good confidence boost and has helped us swim strong throughout the season.” said Emma Blanken, a sophomore on the varsity swim team.

While the girls swim team continues to grow as a team, the girls have also been thriving individually becoming better swimmers. 

“Many of my teammates and myself have been dropping lots of time in events and getting personal best times every meet, which I feel really reflects the hard work everyone has been putting in this season,” voiced Reilly Byron, a varsity swimmer. 

The girls swim team’s hard work could lead them to conference, regionals, and or sectionals. The girls have all set their goals for this season and are ready to accomplish them.

”The team plans to end the year with personal bests and getting Top 3 in Conference,” described Andrea Avlia. “We always manage to surprise ourselves and others about how good we are despite having a small team.” 

In addition to the goals the girls have made for themselves, head coach Sharon Lesniak has also made goals for the team and where they plan to end this season.

“We feel we should finish strong in our Conference Meet on Oct. 29 at Woodstock North High School. We hope to finish in one of the top three places,” stated Lesniak. “From there we will take our top swimmers to Libertyville High School the following Saturday, Nov. 5th, for Sectionals.”

At the Fox Valley Conference meet, the girls varsity swim placed second place and most of the swimmers earned personal record times. This exceeded the girls’ and coaches’ goals, proving that their hard work will continue to pay off towards the end of the season. 

The girls swim team throughout the season has reached large successes and goals, due to them growing as a team and as individuals. They are and will continue to work to accomplish the rest of their goals for this season moving into sectionals.