MCHS welcomes new head football coach

The Warriors’ new head football coach, Jeffrey Schroeder promises to evolve the football program into something that McHenry can be proud of


Carly Byer

MCHS introduces Jeffrey Schroeder as the head football coach for the 2023-24 school year

Lydia Lawrence, Business Director

On Feb. 23,  Jeffrey Schroeder was announced as MCHS’s new head football coach.

Schroeder has been a coach since the 90’s, and had begun this path as a coaching assistant at Jacobs High School. Before his final stop at MCHS as the new head coach, he coached at Westmont, Woodstock North and Prairie Ridge High Schools; all of which garnered success from him.

Joseph Pineda, the JV quarterback for the Warriors this past season, talks about the growth they have already achieved. “I have been on the football team since freshman year, and the program has grown a huge amount — going from 1-9 seasons to 4-5, and only being 1 win away from playoffs. The seniors left a big mark being able to have the best record that we have had in years, so it’s great to have that as a motivation to do even better next season.”

Having a good record isn’t the only important aspect of having a good season though; strong bonds and smart coaching methods are just as important to having a fun football experience.

While being positive and cheering them on is certainly part of the coaching process, another part of that is raising standards for them. I feel kids will generally rise to the occasion if you challenge them to do so. Our expectations will be timeliness, work hard, help each other and to trust in the process,” explains Schroeder.

Although coach Schroeder hasn’t been the only staff change on the team, the Warriors have been very adaptive to many switches.

Offensive Coach Jake Wiersma suggests an interesting perspective in regards to the staff changes on the team. “Our players have done a great job adapting to the different ways the program has changed. No other programs in our conference have players that have experienced the changes our players have. As a result, I believe our players attained skills and qualities that come with having to learn new systems from new coaches. I think that it will benefit them on the field with the sudden changes that can happen during a game.”

At the end of the day, the whole coaching staff is excited to welcome Schroeder this coming season, and the players are excited to see what he can bring to the table.

Coach Schroeder sounds ready to step up, “The community has been so welcoming and friendly to me that it simply motivates me to want to bring them a football program they can be proud of and are deserving of.  That is my goal as the next head coach of the McHenry Warriors!”