Mr. McHenry pageant returns Thursday

Senior boys will compete in sportswear, talent, and formalwear categories for the first time since 2019


Mackenzie Sroka

The first Mr. McHenry since 2019 will take place on Thursday, Mar. 24 at 7 p.m. in the Upper Campus auditorium.

Bri Quast, Staff Writer

MCHS students are excited for the long awaited upcoming event, Mr. McHenry, which will take place Thursday in the Upper Campus Auditorium. The pageant is hosted by National Honors Society showcasing the boys of the Class of 2022. 

There are six participants, those of whom are competing for the Mr. McHenry title through different acts, includingEnrique Robles, Brody Hallin, Ty Linker, Hunter Kirk, Lukas Thomas, and Shane Spatol are the participants.

Mr. McHenry will start with a group dance between the boys and their escorts followed by a modeled sportswear section. After that they will be performing a talent of their choice, and then modeling a formal wear section. Finally they will have a question and answer section to finish, where they will be asked personal questions by judges principal Dr. Jeff Prickett, Assistant Division Chair Of Fine Arts Sarah Halvaorson, and dean Jordan Deener to determine who the best fit winner is.

The judges will vote for who gets the title of Mr. McHenry, as well as a first, second, and third runner up. The audience will vote for “Mr. Congeniality.” 

The winner of the pageant will be prized with a crown, trophy, and two free prom tickets. 

Robles, one of this year’s contestants, says,

“The thing that I’m most excited about for the event is the environment — being there with the audience and my friends, and having a good time. It’s going to be fun making these memories with everyone for senior year.” 

He adds, “I’m 100 percent going to win.”

Ty Linker, another contestant, took a lot of time to come up with creative acts for the pageant, which is rodeo-themed., 

“I went to a deep dark place in my mind to look for creativity,” he says, “and I think I came up with something everyone will think is funny. I’m the most excited to perform. I was born to perform — I’m a performer, and most people know that. I like to be front and center, and that’s kind of my approach to this — to be the most outgoing and flamboyant one out there.” 

Linker adds, “I’m pretty confident I’ll win however if I don’t I believe one’s success can be determined by the effort that they put in, not by the results.”

Seeing as Mr. McHenry hasn’t happened since three years ago due to COVID-19 and other cancellations, many students and staff alike are looking forward to the event. There is sure to be a lot of laughs, and more than likely lots of surprises too.