New and improved

With new players and coaches, the future of the varsity girls soccer team is bright as they prepare for their spring season



Trapping the ball, varsity girls soccer player Ellie Ruppethal prepares to pass during a varsity girls soccer game last year against Grayslake Central.

Emma Snyder, Staff Writer

Last year, both the varsity and JV girls soccer teams had disappointing records. But with the new season rapidly approaching, excitement surrounds the future of girls soccer at MCHS. 

The girls soccer team this year is going to be younger consisting of mostly freshmen and sophomores. New assistant varsity coach, Mitchell Stengel is looking forward to bringing a new energy to the team and helping the girls improve and validate themselves as a strong, successful team. 

“I’ve never coached anything before,” said Stengel, “But I’ve played soccer my entire life. It’s always been a huge passion of mine.” 

Andrew Stegenga, head coach for the varsity girls soccer team, is also looking forward to the upcoming season and working with the athletes again. 

“I’m most looking forward to the girls,” said Stegenga. “That’s the reason you coach is the kids.”

The girls soccer team is going to be young this year and full of new talent. Many of the returning athletes are looking forward to playing with and getting to know their new teammates. 

“[I’m excited to] meet everyone that’s going to come in because, as of right now we don’t really have a full team, in my opinion,” said sophomore Jessica Ludke, returning soccer player. “I’m excited to see how many people we’re gonna get.” 

Returning player and senior, Reyna Landa, is also looking forward to meeting the new players and bonding with the new team. 

“I’m definitely [looking forward to] winning some more games… and just having fun my last year playing soccer,” said Landa. 

As the beginning of the season rapidly approaches, the excitement is building. Sophomore Madison Fray is looking forward to playing this season but she’s especially excited for spending time with the team getting ready for games and working together.

“When I play it kind of takes my mind off everything,” said Fray. 

Despite the teams past records, the players and coaching staff have big goals, and high hopes for the new team. 

“I think this year, it’ll be nice because we’ve got a different schedule so we’re going to be a lot more competitive with a lot of the teams that we’re playing,” said Stegenga. “I’m excited to be good.”

With all of the new members to the girls soccer program and all of the hard work and dedication they put into their sport, it is bound to be an exciting season.