One pitch at a time

The impact of completing goals puts Varsity softball on the road to success



The varsity softball team hi-fives each other after ending an inning during an away game against Warren on March 21.

Krystal Zamudio, Staff Writer

As the ball flies across the field, the outfielder for McHenry catches the ball and immediately throws to third base, getting the third out for the other team. The girls celebrate their win along with the success of knowing they can trust one another.

The softball season has officially begun and as of April 26, the girls team have an overall record of 10-3. The team has grown in many different ways in order to have a successful season. Trust was built along with many goals being set.

“We have the same group of girls that we did last season, especially a big group of us being juniors,” explained junior, Madilyn Hoffman, “it really brings us together and we have better chemistry on the field. I think this is really helping us work better as a team each game.”

In addition to the girls having good chemistry on the field, they are also determined to work towards their personal and team goals this season in order to be successful. 

“Our team is extremely goal-oriented, and one of the biggest things we’ve been preaching this year is hitting each one of our core values per game and practice: Trust, Loyalty, Accountability, Competitiveness, and Mudita.” said junior, Charlotte Alexander.

With the girls working together as a team and having goals set. They are eager to win and have a victorious season.

“The goal we have set for ourselves first is to win the conference. Once we accomplish that, we are striving to go as far as we can in post season meaning win regionals and win a sectional. Our end goal is to make it to state.” stated senior Abby Geis.

Along with making goals as a team they continue to create new goals for themselves so they can personally have a victorious season.

“Personally, a goal I have for myself is to hold myself accountable. By doing this I will be able to fulfill my actions and goals without excuses. This will overall benefit the team too.” said Vanessa Busk, a junior on the team.

They have set themselves up for success with the guidance of the returning seniors and the hard work they have put in as a team.

“I would say that our biggest leaders on the team are Emma Stolzman, Abby Geis, and Channing Keppy. Emma and Channing are such a dynamic battery, and we have so much trust in them to bring the energy every game.” said Alexander.

The varsity softball team will continue to follow through completing their goals and working to end this season successfully together.