Opinion: Brock Purdy should be permanent first-string quarterback

The 49ers quarterback should be Brock Purdy


Nhat V. Meyer / Bay Area News Group / TNS

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy throws a pass against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Levi’s Stadium on Dec. 11, 2022, in Santa Clara, California.

Hunter Blake, Staff Writer

Choosing a team’s starting players can often be a difficult task for coaches, professional or not. This case was for the San Francisco 49ers this season, as they had to go through three quarterbacks to find their true starter. With the season now being over, it is clear who the starting quarterback job for the near future should go to, Brock Purdy.

Purdy, otherwise known as “Mr. Irrelevant” being the last pick of the first round in his draft class last year. However, he shined during his rookie season this year after taking over Week 13 against the Miami Dolphins. In the stretch until the end of the season, he went an impressive 6-0 and looked like a mainstay in the first-string quarterback spot for the 49ers. With the 49ers losing their recent playoff game against the Eagles, there has been much speculation over who should take over the first-string quarterback spot next year, with veteran Jimmy Garoppolo healthy and soon to be second year rookie Trey Lance healthy. But, with the way Purdy played after taking over, he has earned the spot at first-string quarterback next year for the 49ers.

Brock Purdy deserves a permanent starting job on the 49ers because of the inconsistent performance and play time of Garoppolo and Lance. Lance, a rookie who was supposed to be their first-string quarterback, started 2 games and went 1-1 and got hurt in his second game, where he only had 3 passing attempts and threw for 30 yards. In his first game lost to the Chicago Bears, who had the worst record in the NFL this season. On the other hand, Garoppolo did have a solid season going 8-3, but he was very injury prone and lost some questionable games to the Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons. Garoppolo at times, also seemed inconsistent and to only play well with newly acquired running back Christian McCaffery. But Purdy, since taking over, seemed very consistent overall and ran the offense well until getting hurt early against the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship Game.

He has received praise around the whole 49ers organization, especially his coaches. According to NBC Sports, in an interview coach Kyle Shanahan said, “When you coach someone, you want to get them better, whether you’re right, wrong or whatever.” It’s just about getting someone better, so you have to find a way to get it to him, and just work on his personality. It’s been really easy because I don’t really have to worry about how he’s feeling too much. You just tell him what you see because that’s what he wants. He likes to be coached.” With this praise from the head coach, it’s hard to really see Purdy moving out of the starting spot, being coachable and consistent around the team.

Purdy deserves to start for the 49ers because of his ability to step up when needed. For example, Purdy was the third string quarterback for the 49ers and the 49ers had no need for another quarterback. With Purdy’s ability to come into the Week 13 Dolphins game early and go on to take the team to the NFC championship is very impressive, considering him being a third string. It also his reliability and versatility, with being a “nobody” and then gaining national attention around the NFL.

With the 49ers season coming to a close last week in a playoff loss against the Eagles, their future is looking bright going into next season. With offense and defensive stars Christian McCaffery, Deebo Samuel, and Nick Bosa. The introduction of Purdy as starting quarterback to the team only increases their chances of success for the future. With the way Purdy played during his rookie season this year, he deserves the full right of first-string quarterback for the 49ers going forward.