Opinion: Juniors will benefit from College Career Seminar

Though the thought of standardized testing makes some students anxious — and annoys others — next year’s junior-level college prep course will effectively prepare students for the SAT and beyond


Kennedy Tetour

Students provided with proper SAT prep resources may have a better chance at acing the test in their Junior year of high school.

Josie Cable, Opinions Editor

Junior year is arguably the hardest year of high school. Along with their classes, students are often overwhelmed with important decisions regarding their future. But by taking the time and seeking guidance, students will be much more prepared. This is why preparatory classes like the College and Career Seminar, which all juniors will take starting next year, are so valuable. Juniors should take the College and Career Seminar to improve college and career readiness while prepping for the SAT. 

“We consistently hear from upperclassmen that they feel that they don’t have enough time to research and plan for their futures or to prepare to improve on the SAT,” says Carl Vallianatos, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction. The one-semester seminar was added to do just that, it gives students time in their schedule to focus on bettering themselves in these important areas.

Most students find it difficult to make time between their school work to properly prepare for the SAT, and some don’t even know where to start. The seminar will help push students in the right direction and offer them the guidance and time they need to be more successful. Students in the class will prep for the SAT while learning test-taking techniques. Understanding these strategies will help them improve on the SAT and hopefully make preparing for the test less stressful.     

As students make it to their final years of high school, planning the future becomes more important. These are big decisions that teenagers often have a tough time making but with enough guidance can be made easier. The seminar allows juniors to research career options, set goals for themselves, and interact with teachers and counselors about their future. “The course will be taught in a classroom immediately adjacent to the new $900,000 College and Career Center that all the students will have access to,” explains Vallianatos. “This proximity will also allow students to have more frequent access to counselors with in-class presentations.”

The class also includes projects that focus students on career and college exploration. Specifically, students will learn how to complete resumes, job applications, college applications, and FAFSA applications. Students will also do research projects on colleges and careers along with working on their post-secondary plan. Although students are usually introduced to these aspects the class will go more in-depth and students will get to understand how to apply to jobs and colleges.  

Junior year is commonly very overwhelming and stressful. This seminar will relieve some of the pressure these important decisions are putting on students. Also, the class will meet every other day on an A/B rotation, on alternate days students will be in a standard study hall. This allows students to still have time to work on other classes while preparing for the future. 

This year in high school is the most important time for exploring college and career options. And although that can be stressful this seminar will help lead students in the right direction and prepare them for the future ahead.