Opinion: Seniors should not have to take spring finals

Seniors have survived finals almost every semester of high school and deserve a break before graduation


Rachel Kaminski

Senior final exemption is a tradition at most schools, and seniors at MCHS have to earn the right to skip finals. But don’t all seniors deserve a break from finals before graduation?

Krystal Zamudio, Staff Writer

Eager seniors walk through the doors of MCHS ready to finish off the year on May 12. As the seniors arrive to their first period class of the day, they come to find out that it is no longer their last day of high school because they will need to take finals. Senior finals are a burden that seniors don’t deserve at the end of their high school career.

Graduation is right around the corner, which means that seniors are getting the emails that inform them of whether or not they will need to be present on finals day. Seniors in the last few months put forth their absolute maximum effort in order to end the year successfully because of the fact it is their last year of high school. 

Throughout all the years of high school, every student is required to complete a final that is worth 10% of their grade. This final can either break or keep their grade almost the exact same. While seniors can have the option to take the final as long as they keep a certain grade in the class, along with attendance requirements, many of the students tend to go through senioritis. Senioritis is a so-called “affliction” of students who lose motivation towards the end of high school.

Working hard throughout all twelve years of school can make a high-achieving student break down mentally due to the stress of entering the “adult life.” There, will always be a final “test” at the end of a class or a semester, but that makes it more of a reason for seniors to have their last final exams of high school excused — or maybe replaced with extra credit or use the 10% is the assignment or assessment categories.

While some students work extremely hard to maintain their grades throughout their final year of high school, some tend to have border grades which means that they have a 79.5% in the class that is right on the line of a B and C in the class. If said students were required to take the final due to attendance, they would have to achieve at least a B on the final to keep their grade. If the final grade is not achieved to at least a B, their grade drops down to a C. No senior wants to finish off their school year with a C, especially because it will drop down their GPA.

A student’s grade point average, also known as GPA, is a very important factor when applying to colleges — especially now that most colleges do not require SAT scores. Many students depend on their achievements and GPA when applying to their desired colleges.

Seniors need to be able to finish their twelve years of school on good terms with no more stress added to the fact that their “real life” will shortly begin in a few months along with responsibilities that will come with that new beginning. 

As students end the year off they enter new beginnings along with new adventures and challenges. All students deserve to finish off their senior year with no added stress, just the memories that they are making with their peers.