Opinion: Some students don’t get the recognition they deserve

As the school year ends, some students are rewarded for their hard work while others graduate feeling unappreciated


Claire Guzman

MCHS celebrates students every single day, but for the same sorts of things — good grades and amazing athletic performance. Other talented students work hard in other ways and deserve recognition as well.

Freedom Tomasello, Opinions Editor

MCHS Administration claims to want the best for all students, but they fail to treat everyone equally. Students with lower GPAs than others are consistently forgotten about, along with athletes overshadowing other students’ success. MCHS fails to give many the resources they need, or the recognition they deserve. 

When faced with the numbers we see as GPAs, many students are disappointed to see anything lower than a 4.0. They are led to believe their value is lessened all due to a small number on a screen. Although most of these students try equally as hard as the higher GPA students, the higher up students are almost always rewarded and praised for their efforts. These rewards include, but aren’t limited to, leadership conferences, banquets, trips to career related events, extra resources on standardized testing, student shoutouts, students of the week, giveaways, gift cards, internships, special treatment from teachers etc.

Although success does deserve recognition, a GPA does not determine a student’s character. It can be argued that these rewards are to motivate students to do their best, but seeing the same few students consistently win due to their ability to maintain a high GPA could make a student feel as though they’ll never be able to achieve the same, defeating the purpose of the awards.

“I feel like not only are they given more freedom but they’re also just given more chances to succeed,” says senior Adele Smith. “They’re given more help, more attention for what they want to do after high school, they’re always the focus while everyone else is left in these trenches that they can’t get out of because they’re not the ones getting the help.” 

Along with the lack of resources, the students also get placed into stereotypes. They are seen as troublemakers or lazy. These may not seem like harmful sentiments, but drilling this into a high schooler’s mind can ruin self-confidence and take away motivation. Most of the time these labels are incorrect and cause students to believe things about themselves that aren’t true. Some teacher treat these children differently due to the stereotype placed upon them caused by their grades.

Some kids are told they aren’t trying hard enough and they need to care more no matter how much effort they put in. Teachers continue to pick and choose favorites in classes with the student most likely being a high graded teen. With the educator so wrapped up in helping the already well set-off student, others are left to figure things out on their own.

Along with the higher GPA students, athletes are also consistently prioritized over other groups. Many students across MCHS receive awards for their respective areas, many of which are not sports.

Groups such as the esports team, Warrior Student Media, the chess team, and the bass fishing club have made it to state and won high awards but were overlooked due to the success of athletes.

Athletes are rewarded with parades, announcements, whereas other groups get a mere repost on social media and a small possibility of recognition through the daily announcements.

If administration wants what’s best for students, they need to make efforts to recognize every student for their achievements, not just some. Students deserve to feel appreciated for their hard work not only by their peers but by the school as a whole.