Real Warriors: Homecoming football game

MCHS’s students come for the football game and stay for the company at the Homecoming football game earlier this month

Preston Boysen, Staff Writer

On Friday, Oct. 7  McHenry High School students got together at McCracken Field to watch the Homecoming football game. But not all students took part in watching the game. Some came to socialize with their friends and peers.  

During the football game, Warriors enjoyed both the game and the halftime show, which featured the marching band and the traditional boy-girl show put on by the dance team. But they also came together to enjoy each other’s company.

The goal of the “Real Warrior” series is to showcase MCHS students that don’t get much light or attention but still are in important parts of the school’s community, including how MCHS Warriors socialize, how they act and what they do for fun – with a twist.