Rusty Malts coffee shop partners with the Upper Campus

Rusty Malts will open at the Upper Campus for students to purchase beverages during open periods


Mackenzie Sroka

Last year, the Warrior Warehouse connected to the cafeteria housed the Hidden Pearl coffeehouse before it was forced to relocate. This fall, Rusty Malts will move into the spot in this most recent partnership with the school and local businesses.

Freedom Tomasello, Opinions Editor

This month, MCHS’s Upper Campus will be welcoming a new coffee shop, Rusty Malts, available to students during the school day. 

In previous years, the campus had welcomed Hidden Pearl. Although loved by students, the business has since closed, no longer allowing the campus to host them. With Hidden Pearl gone, MCHS is welcoming a new business known as Rusty Malts.

“I can see myself purchasing from Rusty Malts on sparse occasions,” explains Riley Butler, a current senior. “I don’t typically go out of my way to get drinks from the school coffee shops, but I know my friends tend to utilize the convenience of getting coffee at school instead of before school.” 

MCHS’ new partner Rusty Malts can be found at 5003 Monroe St. in Ringwood, Illinois. Their brick-and-mortar building offers a variety of options, ranging from coffee to ice cream, bringing in customers from town to indulge in the treats.

“I think in school coffee benefits students because a little rejuvenation is nice,” says senior Adele Smith, “especially at a place where you wouldn’t be used to having something like that.”

  In the school, the shop can be found at the Warrior Warehouse concession stand located right outside of the cafeteria. Students are welcome to purchase drinks only during approved times specified by the school’s admin.

“Initially, we will open Tues/Thurs from 6:30-10:40 [a.m],” says Gregory Eiserman, the assistant principal of student life. “They will close from 9:50-10:10 [a.m.] so we do not have any attendance issues with AIM.”

The goal is to keep Rusty Malts at the campus for the remainder of the year, although this depends on both popularity and staffing of the shop.