Starting the season

Girls basketball has started their season and are working to improve their skills as a team

The varsity bench watches the game unfold against Crystal Lake Central on Nov. 29.

Krystal Zamudio, Staff Writer

As the girls begin to run through their warm ups before the first conference game, girls basketball coach John Lunkenheimer prepares his different routes for the team to run before the away game against Crystal Lake Central on Nov 29.

This game is not only the start of their conference, but is also one of the first games with a new head coach. John Lukenheimer, social science teacher and now the varsity girls basketball coach, has officially started his first season with the team. 

“I think the change of coaches will have a positive effect on us, it already has been super positive,” described Reese Kominoski, a senior captain on varsity. “We have a solid support system because Mr. Lunk is great, he knows the right ways to push us but knows how we need to learn as well.”

The girls first game came with learning experiences and put into perspective what they need to work on as a team and as individuals.

“Our first game was a learning experience. We were able to identify what worked well and what we need to work on to get better.” explained Lynette Aslot, a senior captain on the varsity team.

Throughout the years the girls varsity team has always had a strong connection even through the change in coaches and new incoming teammates because of this it has always been easy to communicate within the team. Last year’s record was 12-20 and so far they have been making improvements from last year.

Some of these improvements year to year consist of growing closer as a team, in order to push the team and themselves to be the best they can. 

“As players we hold each other accountable and push each other to be at our personal best,” stated Alsot. “All of the coaches, past and present, seem to highlight the importance of being a good teammate, working hard, being all in, and growing throughout the seasons.” 

Within the game against the Central Tigers, the team worked together to push themselves and each other. Emerson Gasmann led the Warriors up by 11 points, Reese Kominoski had 8 points, and Lynette Alsot had 7 points, according to Lunkenhiemer. However, the girls ended the game 36-46.

Despite their loss the girls basketball team is learning from their previous games and are working towards a successful season. 

“We will continue to get better. It is a long season and has a lot of room to grow.” explained Lunkenheimer. 

As the season progresses, the team plans to make improvements to learn and grow. They hope to end this season with an improved record from last year. This will take hard work and communication, but the girls and coaches are prepared for this commitment.