Summer has arrived

“Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop” will make you feel warm and fuzzy and give you a sense of summer nostalgia.



Summer nostalgia and a warm inviting story line make “Words Bubble Up Like Sodapop” a perfect film to watch as the weather gets colder.

Kennedy Tetour, Managing Editor

“Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop” is a Japanese animated film that came out in July of 2020. The film was written and directed by Kyōhei Ishiguro, who has also directed “Your Lie in April,” which was released in 2015. 

“Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop” provides just enough romance to keep it interesting, but it’s not overly lovey-dovey to make someone uncomfortable. The film mainly focuses on the main characters, Cherry and Smile, getting to know each other and the ins and outs of their lives. They become friends quickly and begin to understand each other’s insecurities, they use this new found understanding of each other to solve the mystery of where Fujiyama’s record went and why that record means so much to him. 

The film features some beautiful and bright visuals. The animation style is loud but very smooth and polished. The colors help to provide a happier tone and a bright summer-like feeling that matches the setting of the film. In addition to the bright colors, there are some really cool split screen moments that help to create an interesting dynamic shot, which can be hard in animation.  

This movie reminds me a lot of movies I used to love when I was younger. It creates a warm and comforting environment, which is nice when you just need a movie to help you relax. Though very different, it creates the same kind of feeling as movies such as “Ponyo.” The mix of the warm visuals, up-beat music, and sweet story line provides a perfect comfort movie for you to enjoy when you’re overwhelmed and in need of a break. 

The music in “Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop” is very unique. It provides a fun atmosphere that helps to remind you of the feeling of summer. The film was scored by Kensuke Ushio and features plenty of chimes and bells that create this dream-like feeling. The opening song is called “Soda Bottle Baby” and features a very up-beat synth sound that sounds exactly like how a summer day at the mall feels, which is perfect for the setting of this movie. 

The small details in “Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop” all come together perfectly to make a warm and inviting film that will give you a sense of relaxation and calm. This movie is perfect for you to bundle up and watch with your friends and family, and will help to remind you of the warmer weather as the season becomes more dreary. 

“Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop” is available to stream on Netflix.