Review: 10 holiday songs to pick you up during a pandemic

Already feeling low about this year’s COVID Christmas? Let these holiday songs pick you up and carry you through the holidays this year.


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Mariah Carey’s classic “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” released in 1994, still endures as a holiday classic. But there are more modern holiday songs you should add to you playlist this year.

Kylie Chisamore, Sports Editor

Baking Christmas cookies, decorating the tree, hanging the stockings, and attending holiday parties—all of these would just feel so incomplete without some great holiday music to accompany it. Here are ten songs that will help stoke some holiday cheer even though the pandemic will make celebrating more difficult than ever before.


10. “We Need a Little Christmas” by the Glee Cast

This song can get slightly annoying if overplayed due to the high pitched vocals. The strong vocals and background ensemble are a strong suit for this song. Although many do not care for the TV show, Glee, it provided a strong christmas playlist.

9. “Snowman” by Sia

This song provides a good storyline with good vocals. However it is a bit sorrowful. The song talks about a love story between two snowmen running away together. The song itself is fairly new as it was released in 2017 so many may have not heard of it. The song has become a trend recently for people to show off their own vocals on TikTok.

8. “You and Me at Christmas” by Why Don’t We

This song, released in 2017, is by a popular boy band which could lead to the attraction to this song. It talks about a relationship comparing it to all the good things of Christmas. In the video they find out they have all been talking about the same girl. The music video adds to the liking of this song although not as popular among the christmas songs.

7. “Seasons Greetings” by Linneah

As violent as this song seems, it is catchy. It talks about the anger towards her ex, who loved Christmas. It perfectly describes how someone may feel as they will not have the same feelings towards the holidays after they’ve spent it with someone they deeply care for. The feelings expressed in this song are very relatable to many going through the same situation.

6. “’tis the damn season” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a very talented musician and has soothing vocals. Yet again this song is very relatable, explaining the feeling of loneliness of being alone for christmas and visiting their hometown. Visiting one’s hometown for the holidays without someone else can be very lonely for someone who is used to spending it with their partner. While it talks about loneliness, it also talks about how vulnerable it may be which can cause people to go back to those who might not be the best for them.

5. “Up In The Frat House” by The Streamline Moderness

This song comes from the 2019 movie “Black Christmas.” This song gives insight and a voice on those who are assaulted in a college frat house. It explains what can happen at frat houses. This song has a catchy tone to it while calling out their attacker in the movie. While it may be a bit inappropriate it has great intentions and meaning behind it.

4. “Underneath the Tree” by Kelly Clarkson

This song has a catchy tone and easy words to remember. Kelly Clarkson’s vocals fit right in with this song almost perfectly. Her vocals and instruments tie this song all together, while it can be a bit overdone it is a great song overall.

3. “I’ll Be Home” by Megan Trainor

This song has a bit of sorrowful tone but has a peaceful and soothing message. While the song seems sorrowful she is reminding her partner no matter how far away she may be she will always be home for Christmas. The meaning behind this song can be a great reminder, to those who are a bit down about the potential of someone not being there, by explaining how someone will try their best to be home in time for Christmas.

2. “Santa Tell Me” by Ariana Grande

This song is sung very well by Ariana Grande. While her voice fits in perfectly it is a take on the original. Many have also redone “Santa Tell Me” but Ariana arguably did it the best so far. With her amazing vocals and range in tone and the classic song it is one of the best.

1. “All I Want For Christmas” Is You by Mariah Carey

The classic song released in 1994 is arguably the best and most well known song. Her vocals and the popularity alone make it a great song to begin with. The message behind the song is a love story of her only wanting to spend time with her partner rather than gifts which is a great message. Christmas should be about the time spent rather than gifts.

Want to hear more? Check out this Spotify playlist of these songs and others to get you in the holiday spirit!