Back on the field

The XFL hopes to finally gain success after two failed iterations



NY Guardians wide receiver Mekale McKay dives for a pass as Tampa Bay Vipers cornerback Shelton Lewis trails during the second quarter at MetLife Stadium on Feb of 2020.

Hunter Blake, Staff Writer

The XFL, sometimes known as the “Xtreme Football League” has been revived for a 2023 season as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson purchased the league from Vince MacMahon and the league is once again trying to find success after two previous failed attempts.

The XFL had its first iteration was a singular 2001 season in which WWE owner Vince MacMahon formed the league to combine aspects of pro wrestling and American football together, and was trying to compete with the larger NFL.

The league wound up folding after one season and went bankrupt, then in 2020 the league appeared again with new and improved rules with the same ownership. It had some very good initial success, but was forced to close out its season after only 5 out of the 10 games due to the Covid-19 virus.

The league went bankrupt once again, and Machmon decided to sell the league to Johnson, and this season 8 games will be played between the 8 teams in the league. The main purpose of XFL now is to get their players attention from NFL scouts, as it will serve as a semi-pro league.

XFL chairwoman Dany Garcia, is hopeful that the league can find the success that the original XFL had hoped for this season.  They are optimistic about the new opportunities that the league will bring for its players as well as its new partnership and cooperation with the NFL.

According to the Pro-Football NetworkGarcia said, “We are extremely pleased to collaborate with the NFL in these important areas. We are bringing forward an XFL that is progressive and forward-thinking when it comes to innovation, leveraging the newest technology to enhance game-day experience.

Many football fans are skeptical that the league will not be any more successful than its past iterations, but the league seems to have made improvements in the quality of gameplay and rules.It will still be challenging for the XFL to coexist with other semi-pro football leagues such as the USFL and the top NFL league.

“There are many reasons to be hopeful about the XFL’s revival. Until 2027, the league will air its games on ABC, ESPN, and FX,”According to Sports Keedas, “However, if the XFL becomes an NFL development league in regards to game regulations and inventions as well as player pool, it may pique the interest of other sports fans.

The XFL hopes to improve on its overall marketing during its third iteration, with it moving locations for some teams as the markets for them had previously failed.he league’s main goal this time around is to attract fans. The league feels that the most important key to its success is needing the overall support from fans from the locations where the team’s play.

According to Board Room, Garcia said, “Each team’s identity represents the fabric of their local community while also embodying the XFL’s vision and ethos: they are authentic, dynamic, modern, and unapologetically bold.” 

Then Johnson said, “From the start, Dany, Gerry, and I have wanted to deliver our fans nothing but the best, and it is motivating to see our creative vision come to life.Every one of these logos has a unique energy, intensity, and electricity that each team and their fans will bring on game day. Now is the time for our fans to get behind a team.”

The XFL regular season will run from Feb. 18- April 23 with the playoffs concluding the season from April 29-May 13. Currently the league looks to be successful and has built off its strong start from the 2020 season.