Always looking forward to the next thing

Billie Eilish’s releases a documentary about her music career in February. Here’s what to look forward to.


Lars Crommelinck

Billie Eilish performs in 2019 at the Pukkelpop Music Festival in Kiewit, Hasselt, Belgium. A documentary about the pop starwill be available streaming on Apple TV+ next month.

MJ Smit, Staff Writer

In December of 2020 acclaimed singer, Billie Eilish, announced that she would be releasing a documentary to Apple TV+ along with a new era for her music. Eilish has been taking the world by storm since she was 15 years old and her song “Ocean Eyes’’ gained the attention of millions. 

Eilish, who is currently 19, became popular in 2016 when “Ocean Eyes” went big on Soundcloud and YouTube. Other popular songs are “Bad Guy” and “Lovely,” which features Khalid. Her brother Finneas O’Connell works with her on her music, They had both started playing with instruments and writing music for fun and never imagined getting big on the radio and loved by millions of fans. She has recently won 5 Grammys, which was a surprise to both of the siblings. 

Billie has made her own documentary. It’s called “Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry.” She calls it the ‘true coming-of-age story’ about her. Its planned on being released February 26, 2021, on Apple Tv+. This is a film by R.J. Cutler. 

In the official trailer she could be heard saying from one of her shows, “I just want us all to be in the moment for this song, because I feel like, in life we intend to do things, and we’re always looking forward to the next thing. We’re never thinking about what’s happening right now, and this is happening right now, we are never going to be in this moment again, so why don’t we be in the moment now?” 

This film is something many people are looking forward to — including people who may not be so fond of her. This documentary will help people get to know her more even if they haven’t met her or don’t like her. Billie plans to release a lot of news about upcoming plans and her new hair. She had told her fans that she was going to dye her hair something completely different as a ‘new era’. This is all to be shared after the documentary is released.