Changing with the times

Eligible seniors from East and West will be able to leave campus during their lunch periods starting second semester


Michelene Havard

Seniors Erin Caner and Noelle Peters walk out of West Campus’s south foyer together. Seniors will be able to leave campus to eat lunch starting second semester.

Kyla Henige, News Editor

MCHS’s school board made the unanimous decision to approve an open campus lunch policy for seniors starting semester two of this school year during the November school board meeting on November 18.

In order to be given the privilege of open campus, seniors must maintain a passing grade in all classes, and have good attendance, along with other rules, that are soon to be released.

In an email sent out to West Campus, principal Marsha Potthoff outlines the basics of an open campus. “The primary eligibility criteria is that the seniors must pass all classes this semester to be eligible,” she wrote. “This is an incentive that is designed to be earned by those students who are performing academically.  There are also requirements to be maintained after initial eligibility.”

Open campus will be an incentive for students, specifically seniors, too try their best in school in order to be able to go off-campus during their lunch period. Administrators are clear that this is a privilege to students and not a right.

“It’s a great incentive for them [the seniors] to be put on the right path, for a reward,” West assistant principal Justin Stroh said. “If students do decide to take advantage of open campus, their privileges may be revoked. Not only is this rewarding senior, but it is a good way to teach them responsibility with the traffic and keeping track of time.”

As students prepare for this big change, they have expressed mixed feelings. Some say that open campus should be for everyone who can drive, but others, such as junior Nathan Klvesener, believe that having it be a senior-only reward is a good idea.

“I think open campus lunch is fair that it is open to seniors because they are testing it out,” he said. “Also, they are only allowing it to students who actually earn it with good grades and attendance, which I think is good.”

The school is prepared for this new change to take place, and encourage seniors to be on the lookout for further announcements.