Community paints mural in downtown McHenry

Members of the McHenry community, including MCHS students, worked together to paint the town’s first ever mural with painter Maurico Ramirez


Lilyonna Kribley

Community members, including students from MCHS, paint a mural in downtown McHenry on Saturday—the first public mural in the town’s history.

Lilyona Kribley, Contributing Writer

The McHenry community came together to paint a mural with painter Maurico Ramirez on the side of the McHenry Clock Company on Green Street on Saturday.

This is McHenry’s first ever mural, named “#McHenryStrong.” People of the community were invited to come out to support the town and help spray paint the mural, filling in a portion of their own. There were donuts and coffee people could have for free while waiting in line to spray paint.

“I’m a visual artist, specializing in public art,” Mauricio Ramirez said. “Painting on a canvas just didn’t really do it for me. I like painting on a large scale and getting my entire body involved and getting painting.”

Ramirez started painting in highschool and found it very therapeutic. He then continued practicing and became the artist that he is today doing many community projects all over Illinois, Atlanta and the Midwest.

“It’s so amazing to see that people wanted to do this,” said Dawn Bremer, a District 156 school board president and realtor. “To have the community come together especially during rough times. It’s amazing, and to bring people like us and the business community together.”

17 different stores in the community helped create this mural project by funding it. According to Bremer, an estimate of 100 helped to paint the mural.

“I love murals, I seek them out when i’m in the city normally. So I think it’s a great idea to add some art into our local community here,” Said Jessica Mullinax, a stay at home mom. “I think this is an excellent thing for the community. Beautifying city spaces is always a good idea.” 

After all the tough times everyone faced, including COVID, people thought the mural was a good idea as an addition to the community, along with some new bright colors.