Creative community

Though the pandemic has taken away opportunities to socialize, cosplay offers MCHS students a place to belong


Beth Brackmann

Cosplay is a way that people interact with their favorite fandoms and other fans. What some many consider nerdy has enjoyed an enormous subculture all its own.

Alayna Majkrzak, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Makeup is strewn around the room and clothes are everywhere. Wigs are being put on with care not to mess up the meticulous curling that took hours to do. This is the routine of cosplayers everywhere, including those who go to the Upper Campus.

Cosplaying is a creative outlet for many people, as it is a hobby that revolves around dressing up as characters from movies, TV shows, anime, video games and much more. Effort and creativity is something that is not in short supply with people who cosplay.

Becoming a cosplayer is easier than one might think. “I got into it when I was little,” sophomore Gabriella Carolan states, “I would always dress up, then I eventually found out that there’s a community, and then really got into it.”

This hobby for many people is also a way to express themselves but it is also a form of escape for others. When life feels too stressful and overwhelming, many cosplayers will turn to the hobby they love as a form of escape. “It’s fun acting as a different person for a short time. It’s something where you don’t have to be yourself for a bit.” Sophomore AJ Carioscia states. Even though they started cosplaying only a few months ago, they have found cosplay to be an outlet for their creativity as well as their stress. 

The creative aspect of cosplay is seen in the costumes as well as the makeup that many people wear. Junior Brook Krapf has been cosplaying for years and finds that they want to continue cosplaying because of not only the people they meet but designing the cosplays themselves. “I am an artist at heart so cosplay just really fuels that in general.” They state.

Hobbies are something that people love to do, and cosplaying is one of the hobbies that many people tend to discredit. This is due to the misunderstanding that sometimes surrounds what cosplayers do. 

Junior Freedom Tomasello started cosplaying because of the community of like-minded people. Most cosplayers have one goal in mind, spreading positivity. ”It proves that it’s okay to be different. It’s okay to do what you like.” Freedom states. 

Positivity and creative freedom are just some of the things that people who cosplay get out of the hobby. The whole of the hobby being a learning experience of trial and error for many. But the results of escapism and confidence far outweigh any stigmatized drawbacks.