Gallery: Girls basketball youth game

Varsity girls basketball hosted future Warriors during their match against Grant

A player advances to the rim at the varsity girls basketball game against Grant Community High School on Jan. 14.

Mackenzie Sroka, Sports Editor

On January 14, the MCHS’s varsity girls basketball team hosted their youth game against Grant Community High School. There was raffle tickets and MCHS warrior gear sold before the game. At half time, the raffle tickets were pulled to win a poster, free popcorn, free candy, or a free t-shirt. The youth game was an invitation for younger girls to watch the game and support the team.

“The youth game it is for the younger girls that idolized our varsity girls,” stated coach John Lunkenhiemer. “I just wanted to have them seem the girls play a little bit and then hopefully this is where they want to be in a few years. It is a way to get them more interested in joining the team.”

The final score of the game was a loss of 43-66 against Grant, but the girls plan to use the game as a learning experience heading into the next game. 

“I think that we all worked really hard, but it does come down to shots,” described Reese Kominoski, a varsity player. “We really learned about our communications as a team and talking to each other on and off the court, but we also need to make our shots.”