Girls lacrosse jump starts the season with new players

With a team full of returning and new players, varsity girls lacrosse is ready to take the field



Kennedy OBrien carries the ball down the field during the Varsity Girls Lacrosse game.

Krystal Zamudio, Staff Writer

As the season starts off, previous players along with many new players walk onto the field. Ready to begin their new season, the girls set personal goals and team goals to strive for.

In previous years it has been a battle bringing in new players to the team but this year has a different beginning. This year, there are many new players ready to learn the game to achieve a great season.

“I think this year as a program we have a lot of talent and the new girls are picking up on the sport fast.” explained Kennedy O’brien, returning lacrosse player.

With incoming girls ready to take on the game of lacrosse, many of them are still very new to the game and will need guidance from past experienced players.

“My goal for this season is to learn how to coach the other girls in ways they will learn it better.” said Reese Kominoski, four year returning player.

While the girls work together to accomplish a great season, they also have personal goals in store for this season.

“My goal moving into the new season is to try my hardest to keep as many goals away from them as possible.” stated Amber Bock, junior lacrosse player. “The goal I have for the rest of the season is to better myself to better the team but trying my hardest during practice so I can use that time to put into games.”

Along with the girls having goals for themselves the head coach adds on to that with wanting the interest of lacrosse to grow in the girls and for the team to grow stronger.

“For the team in general just get better as a team and keep growing interest in the sport” stated Brad Robertson, girls head lacrosse coach. 

This season the new girls face the challenge of learning the sport along with returning players guiding the new players in the right direction. The girls have been working hard this season and will continue to move forward.