Learning forward provides extra student support

As students struggle with their grades and assignments, a new program provides after-school tutoring


Kyla Henige

Nicole Pedretti helps a student catch up on her work during Learning Forward on October 27 in the Upper Campus library.

Kyla Henige, News Editor

On Oct. 19, both MCHS Upper and Freshman Campuses launched an after school tutoring program called Learning Forward for kids who are struggling and need additional academic support. 

The program takes place in both the Freshman and Upper Campus libraries, from right after school to 4:15 p.m. The tutors are students who are excelling in classes and volunteer their time to help other students, along with different teachers. 

This program is mainly for math and English help, and allows students to get more one-on-one time with teachers. Additionally since it is set up like a “program” students are expected to show up at least two out of three of the days, and continuously work until they get up to a passing grade and can leave the program. 

Teachers such as Jaclyn Jaros, an English teacher at the Freshman Campus, volunteer their time after school to help students who are struggling. 

“I believe this program is beneficial for students who need more individualized support that they won’t necessarily get in a whole class setting,” Jaros explains. “Many students aren’t comfortable asking for help, but this provides students with the opportunity to ask for help in a smaller setting.” 

Working alongside teachers, many students, such as Nicole Pedretti,  have stepped up to the plate to help volunteer as tutors.

“I did this because I love learning and I like to help others. It feels nice to get to help others learn,” Pedretti explains. “I hope to build relationships and have the ability to say I helped others learn [and] I hope others feel like they learn and understand the material, and realize it’s okay to ask for help.”