Lennon’s legacy

Though John Lennon’s behavior in his life may have been questionable, his music still inspires young musicians today


Christopher Hughes

A memorial statue of John Lennon sits in a park in Cuba, showing the wide-reaching influence of the former Beatle on the world.

Gabe Santos, Arts and Entertainment Editor

John Lennon, who’s birthday was Oct. 8, would’ve been 82 if he was still alive today. He is one of, if not the most impactful musicians and songwriters of all time, being a founding member of The Beatles, and having an illustrious solo career. Even to this day he continues to inspire young artists looking to be just as revolutionary. 

Lennon got his first guitar in 1957 when he was 17 and would soon after start The Quarrymen (which would later become the Beatles). 65 years later, students who are that age and younger makeup MCHS’s flourishing community of young artists and musicians. Many feel Lennon has impacted or inspired their creative pursuits. 

Junior Hannah Covalt — a guitarist, songwriter, and member of Surround Sound and Tri-M — said, “He really changed the sound of what music could be because I think all of the music from then had a certain sound to it, and John Lennon was just like, ‘Y’know what? Forget that. We can bring new stuff into it!’”

In spite of his impact, Lennon remains a polarizing figure because of his radical ideas and erratic behavior, among many controversies throughout his time in the spotlight.

According to an article from Grunge called “The Tragic Real Life Story of John Lennon,” some of these scandals included President Nixon’s 5 year attempt to deport Lennon, his infamous claim that The Beatles were more popular than Jesus, and open admittance to being domestically abusive. Do these controversies in his personal life take away from his musical achievements? 

“I respect him for how well he could play music, not his reputation.” said junior James Mihevic, who is also a guitarist and songwriter, as well as a Tri-M member. 

Despite his spotty history, Lennon continues to have an influence on pop culture, and still contributes to music through young artists inspired by him long after his assassination in 1980. “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” remains one of the most iconic albums even now, and songs like”Imagine” remain in circulation on radio stations and streaming services alike. Hopefully the musicians who draw inspiration from him will reach even larger heights than he did.

A previous version of this story incorrectly stated “Here Comes the Sun” was written by Lennon. It was actually written by George Harrison, so we removed the reference from the article.