MCHS to host viewing of documentary “LIKE”

Parents and students are invited to view the documentary, about the impact of social media, at the McHenry Downtown Theatre next week


Madison Wise

The McHenry Downtown Theater is hosting “LIKE,” an indie film dealing with the impact of social media on teenagers lives. With social media ever expanding, it begs the question on if it is a positive or negative within our society.

Kyla Henige, News Editor

MCHS is sponsoring two showings of the IndieFlix movie “LIKE” on February 17, at 12 and 2 pm at the McHenry Downtown Theatre. 

The documentary is about how social media affects the lives of both students and adults, and how it impacts a person’s overall health and brain technology. “LIKE” is a way of promoting self-love and regulation, without the worries of social media and the people behind the screens lurking behind them.

According to the film’s website, “Our goal for this film is to inspire people of all ages, especially kids, to self regulate. It’s not about blame. It’s about looking in the mirror and empowering ourselves to create balance in our lives and to learn to be there for each other.”

Maura Reid, Prevention and Wellness Coordinator for MCHS, believes that it’s important to see this movie with family, because it’s a good way to not only sit down and have family time, but to also bring up a conversation with students and parents about social media.

“I think it’s important to see a movie such as ‘LIKE’ to see how social media is impacting us.  I think there are many things that social media can use to manipulate us into thinking how they may want us to think whether it is what to buy, how to look, what to think and certain things,” says Reid. “It is good to be aware of these things so we can make the best decision for ourselves. I also think that we need to know how our brains are being affected and being changed by our devices.”

Since the movie is a documentary, it is from the perspective of many people, who give their thoughts on social media, and the impacts it has made. The movie is a way of bringing awareness to adults and adolescents on the issues of social media.

“I think parents [and] adults might walk away with a better understanding of how social media and devices are affecting teens from the teen perspective,” said Reid. “I also hope that this will help teens see a different view on why the adults in their lives have strong opinions and concerns on teens use of social media.” 

MCHS encourages students and families to attend this viewing. For more information view the posters located around both campuses.