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Since the pandemic started, many adolescents have spent more time on social media — and more time looking at images of unrealistic and unhealthy body sizes.

Opinion: Don’t fall for social media’s unrealistic body expectations

Alayna Trimingham, Copy Editor May 6, 2021

A student sits in their room alone with their phone lighting their face. They see all these very thin people looking stunning. The student automatically feels very insecure about themself. They don’t...

Social media can connect people together, but it can also tear people apart. In addition to bullying and aggression, social media can sow doubt, anxiety, and low-self esteem if users choose to spread negativity instead of positivity.

Opinion: Spread positivity on social media, not shame

Kiera Loewe, Social Media Director April 29, 2021

Social media is one of the best ways to show creativity and interact with friends and family. While that is the intention, it can be more harmful than good.  As kids gain access at a younger age every...

With the diverse content that can be found on the internet, there comes an increasing need for Trigger warnings to warn viewers of content that may trigger bad reactions.

Opinion: Including trigger warnings don’t hurt — and always help

Alayna Majkrzak, Staff Writer April 19, 2021

TW: Mentions of self harm and suicidal thoughts Scrolling through TikTok at 3 a.m., a student goes from laughing to terror in the span of seconds. Their hands shake, but they are not able to scroll...

Influencers on TikTok and Instagram know that the world is watching them. So do celebrities in movies, on TV, and in the music industry. So why arent they falling COVID guidelines?

Opinion: Celebrities aren’t immune to the virus

Josie Cable, Opinions Editor March 11, 2021

Despite experts' instruction to avoid events and gatherings, plenty of celebrities and influencers continue to throw and attend parties like COVID has no effect on them. We are still in a pandemic and...

As a social media platform, TikTok is feeds users whatever they are looking for, whether its LGBTQ+ confessionals, iced coffee recipes, hilarious videos, or serious political commentary.

TikTok’s different faces

Kiera Loewe, Social Media Director November 11, 2020

Over the past 4 years, TikTok has been rising as one of the top social media platforms. This app is extremely popular with people of all ages. What makes this platform so addictive and fun? That’s the...

The Devilish rouse behind TikTok

Rebecca Bodden, Contributing Writer May 19, 2020

If you asked friends today for a list of apps they use quite frequently, they might say Twitter, Instagram, YouTube maybe even Facebook and of course Tiktok.  Since 2018, Tiktok (formerly known as

Watching movies and shows on Netflix has always been a social activity for teenagers. But shelter-in-place has changed how people consume media together — and how creators release media — possibly forever.

How we watch now

Jared Bysiek, Features Editor April 30, 2020

Two students are getting ready to watch a movie. They’ve both been busy with schoolwork, so it’s a relief to finally be able to wind down. But before they can start, they begin to count down, “Three,...

The McHenry Downtown Theater is hosting LIKE, an indie film dealing with the impact of social media on teenagers lives. With social media ever expanding, it begs the question on if it is a positive or negative within our society.

MCHS to host viewing of documentary “LIKE”

Kyla Henige, News Editor February 13, 2020

MCHS is sponsoring two showings of the IndieFlix movie “LIKE” on February 17, at 12 and 2 pm at the McHenry Downtown Theatre.  The documentary is about how social media affects the lives of both...

On the heels of last years fight, YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul will face off on another boxing match on November 9

YouTuber v. YouTuber

Chase Creech, Staff Writer October 17, 2019

KSI’s first-ever genuine boxing match was against Joe Weller. They are both British YouTubers, and KSI won the match effortlessly. Because of this, Joe Weller has stopped uploading to the video site,...

Star power

Star power

Stacy Correra, Staff Writing October 7, 2019

It was late at night and Bailey Musnicki was sitting in her room, bored out of her mind. She took out her phone, opened up the TikTok app, and mindlessly scrolled through some videos. Suddenly, an idea...

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