Posting parking lot fails

Bad parking Instagram pages hope shine light on the Upper Campus’s parking problems and spread some laughter


Brook Krapf

With East and West now combined into a single Upper Campus, the parking lot is more full than it’s ever been, inspiring Instagram accounts to capture the school’s worst parking jobs.

Josie Cable, Opinions Editor

The crazy parking lot brings plenty of stress to MCHS students. To lighten the mood and put a smile on students’ faces, anonymous students have created MCHS Bad Parking Instagram pages to get some humor from the bad parking around the school.

Bad Parking Instagram pages have been popping up around plenty of schools across the country. It is a new phenomenon that high school students have been creating themselves.

“We made it because we thought it was funny how bad the people were parking,” said the MCHS student who runs @mchsbadparking_. “Considering we are not very good at parking ourselves.”

The pages aren’t meant to call out or attack a student’s bad parking job but instead use the posts in a comedical way to lift students’ mood.

“We created this page just for fun and to bring some laughs to students without singling anyone out,” said mchs_bad_parking.

The intent is definitely working and the response from the MCHS community proves it. These pages have been growing in popularity; one account has around 200 followers and another over 300.

“In terms of the popularity we didn’t really have any expectations but hoped people would find it and enjoy the humor as much as we do,” said mchs_bad_parking.

While it’s not the intent, a student might possibly see their bad parking job and push to park better, which would allow the parking lot to run smoother.

“I mean really we are just trying to have some fun with people to park crazy and make jokes about it,” said mchs_bad_parking. “But maybe they’ll improve their parking in the future.”

The accounts have so far been able to run smoothly with the help of other students sending in their own photos capturing some bad parking to be posted on the instagram account.

“We’ve had no problems at all,” said mchs_bad_parking. “The account wasn’t meant to be anything that needed to be checked on and kept up with. Really just need it for any time someone sends us a picture or when we get one ourselves.”

These growing accounts have shed some light on the parking lot that has had some problems this year. The bad parking instagram posts are able to put smiles on students’ faces in hopes of bettering their day one post at a time.