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The parking lots at East and West are already hectic — and the behavior of drivers in the drop-off lane make the lot even more treacherous.

Opinion: Drop-off drivers add to a long list of parking lot challenges

Emma Snyder, Staff Writer February 5, 2020

The parking lots at East and West are notorious among students for being a disaster. This year the parking lot is more crowded than ever with students, teachers, buses, and drop-offs all trying to maneuver...

School parking lots are known to be hazardous, but is West Campus construction making a difficult parking situation even more difficult?

Opinion: West’s needlessly hazardous parking lot

Alayna Trimingham, Opinions Editor November 13, 2019

A high school sophomore has only been driving for less than a year. The student gets in their car and heads to school. The line of cars is long, as usual, and a single police officer is directing all...

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